Virginia Personal Injury and Accident Law

As the calendar rolled over to July 1, 2018, new laws have taken effect in the Commonwealth.  The following “short” list is not comprehensive, but includes those laws that may have interest among personal injury and civil litigation attorneys.

When you sue someone or are being sued, chances are high that you will find yourself in one of Virginia’s General District Courts (the “GDC”). The GDC oversees the adjudication of small civil claims, which is the focus of this post.  Other matters handled by the GDC include traffic violations, minor criminal cases known as misdemeanors and preliminary hearings for more serious criminal cases called felonies.

Recently I handled a case worthy of a law school exam on insurance.  An Amherst County man had been injured in a motor vehicle accident.  The injured party tried to handle the case himself and had done an admirable job, as he was able to secure the $25,000 policy limit from the liability carrier.

One the first questions most clients have when considering a personal injury claim is “What sort of damages can I recover?” The primary goal of damages is to compensate the injured party for his or her loss. In Virginia, if proven with reasonable certainty, a personal injury plaintiff may recover damages related to:

Personal injury claims should not be handled alone, as common mistakes can have negative consequences. Mistakes can prove fatal to or diminish the value of a claim. Either way, you are not made whole. Our mission at PLDR Law is to obtain maximum, but fair, compensation. We share this free information with the public to help you choose a knowledgeable attorney.

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