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Good preparation leads to success and starts with the information and documents given to your attorney. You want an attorney who is prepared and armed with the necessary information to promptly commence work on your case. Not only will the information provide details about the case, but it will help the attorney analyze whether you have a viable claim and what damages you may be able to recover, like medical bills or lost wages.

Here is a list of information and documents, which should be provided to your attorney at the initial consultation. Of course, if you do not have this information, Petty, Livingston, Dawson & Richards, PC has resources to help you.

  1. Accident Report and Accident Report Receipt (or copy of other driver’s contact and insurance information if no accident report exists)
  2. Witnesses’ Name and Contact Information
  3. Photographs of Accident Scene, Vehicles, and Injuries
  4. Current List of Medical Care Providers
  5. Medical Records and Bills
  6. List of Future Doctor Appointments
  7. Your Automobile Insurance Policy and Declarations Page (as you may have a claim against your own policy for uninsured and underinsured
  8. motorist coverage if the defendant driver neither has any nor sufficient insurance coverage)
  9. Name and Contact Information of Your or Defendant’s Insurance Company’s Claims Adjuster
  10. Letters and Written Communication with Your or Defendant’s Insurance Company’s Claims Adjuster
  11. Your Health Insurance Policy or Plan Documents (as your health insurance company may have a claim for reimbursement for medical bills paid on your behalf)
  12. Repair Estimates, Invoices, or Receipts for Damaged Vehicles
  13. Appraisals for Any Property Damage
  14. List of Missed Work Days, Pay Stubs and W-2s

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